About Us

AKİŞTEKS TEKSTİL has been operating in the worst production sector for 50 years in an 8,000 m2 area in two separate buildings in beautiful Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean.

AKİŞTEKS TEKSTİL textile Company has proven itself in the yarn and textile field with its 50-year experience in the sector and non-fading color guarantee for its products by taking great care in product dying.   

AKİŞTEKS TEKSTİL has managed to be the most preferred company in the textile market in Izmir and Turkey for the production of colorful hand-knitting yarns, hand-type carpet yarns and knitwear and fabric yarns addressing any gusto.

Yarns for bodysuits that grandmothers knit for their grandchildren… Hand-type carpet yarns for carpet manufacturers who turn yarns into handcrafts… Hand-knitting yarns for sweaters and cardigans that mothers knit for their husbands, children… Yarns for blankets that sisters knit for their siblings whom they care greatly… Yarns for etamines that engaged women make for their dowry… Yarns for supporter scarves and hats that lovers knit for their lovers… 

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